Our Products

To effectively carry out safe traffic management requires specialist equipment and trained personnel. We carry the latest vehicle attenuators, cone/signs vehicles, arrow board trucks, trailer mounted variable message boards and communication equipment. These are presented in a highly visible condition with educational road safety slogans to help communicate the "Drive Safe" message.

Our resources allow us to provide the following capabilities to our clients:

  • Motorway or dual carrigeway, lane closures and contraflows
  • Professional advice on traffic solutions including traffic engineering
  • Technical advice on CoPTTM Standards
  • Preparation of Traffic Management Plans and other documents
  • Quality control and auditing of traffic sites and systems
  • Provision of Specialist Traffic Control Plant and Equipment
  • Highly trained traffic teams

Design & Planning

Traffic Management Survey and Design

Traffic Management Drawings / Plans

Vehicle Hire

IPV (Crash Cushion)

Installation Vehicles

Convoy Vehicles

Consultancy with

Local Authorities

National bodies

Emergency Services

Equipment Hire




Barrier Systems


Water Filled



Event Signing and Consultation

Special Legend Signage


On Site Managers

Traffic Safety & Control Officers

Foremen / Supervisors

Sector Scheme Qualified Operatives


TM Schemes

Road Closure / Diversions

Lane Closures

Temporary Traffic Signals

Stop/Go Traffic Control Systems

Convoy / Shuttle Systems